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The manufacture of each product is a labor-intensive process. Each undergoes numerous individual stages and quality controls before it leaves out the factory.
Made in YATIN means that we retain control over every single stage, from the casting of the raw materials through to the electroplating and the finished accessories. Here, highly accurate computer controlled production steps alternate with careful hand craftsmanship. Ultimately, the decision whether the finished accessories meets our quality standards is still made by a real person with a wealth of experience.
The raw and inconspicuous brass ingot is melt in the furnace at over 1,000 ℃. Supplemented by Italy IMR gravity casting machines, the near-net shape of the YATIN bathroom faucet body could be unparalleled achieved with high construction quality.

All YATIN bathroom faucets may require numerous machining operations. For instance, over 32 machining operations are required for bigger faucet bodies using a rotary machining center controlled by computer program. 

With the proper machine, it can take as little as 14 seconds to make a part.


The rough machined parts of the YATIN faucets are polished by hand, to ensure that all surfaces have impressive shine. 

All manual polished parts are visually checked for surface imperfections, which are removed by sanding to have the parts finished to a high degree of smoothness.


First a base coating of electroplated nickel is applied on the YATIN bathroom faucet, followed by a thin coating of electroplated chromium. 

The whole process is deposited from over 30 plating baths containing certain additives that improve corrosion resistance and durable shining chrome.


This process takes place on rotary assembly machines, which are precisely controlled. More than 20 parts stored in bins will be put together by manual and automated processes. 

After final assembly, every YATIN bathroom faucet is pressure tested with air and water for leaks and tested for durability.

KEROX ceramic disc cartridge, a lifetime of maintenance-free operation, offers a smooth feel and reliable operation. It surpasses conventional durability standards to withstand the toughest conditions, including hard water.

An aesthetic setting with YATIN taps is given the finishing touch by a perfect water stream. this is guaranteed by the model, CASCADE®, from market leader, NEOPERL.
Once the YATIN Multi-Choice rough is installed, future shower function upgrades or style changes can easily be made without altering the plumbing behind the wall.

Brass trim plate constructed of brass material, ensuring durability and providing aesthetic appeal.
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