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The founder of YATIN, Mr. Yu Guang is an artist who gives this company the passion and spirit of design, innovation and inspiration.

YATIN lead the latest design trend of the bathroom products in the past 10 years. Every piece of the design is highly appreciated by the customers and also the competitors. YATIN design show the top insight, not only can attract more attention but also can help the user distinguish the little difference between two kinds of product.
The solemn & grand ancient Rome building brings people much reverie, especially the square Rome Post, stable and firm, gives us a sense of strength and seriousness. All the details and story come to "Jovian" range which make it the same spirit.
The oval track brings people enthusiasm and dream while endows YATIN designer with inspiration. Based on the oval track and expressing the desire for victory by every detail, the "Track" range presents the leadership of the winner with the rigid beeline and gentle curve, which blend perfectly.
By virtue of the continuous self-transcendence, YATIN surpasses its history once again and recreates a new height in the design-field of Chinese bathroom products. On Nov. 27th, 2006, YATIN faucet POWER, designed by Mr. Yu Qing, is awarded the Germany IF Product Design Award 2007 which is one of the 4th global famous competitions. And this award enables China’s bathroom-product design rank among the world’s most advanced industry.
The handwriting of ancient Chinese character "water" is just like the gesture of the flowing water. The" Swing" range depicts the tenderness of the water with vivid curves and harmonizes with the handwriting of ancient Chinese character of "Water". By repetitious precise calculation, the graceful arc enables the main element of faucet to extend infinitely.
YATIN strives to find the subtle common ground between Chinese traditional culture and vogue trend. Tightening along with loosening, at the moment of turning, this range presents the whirly elegant manner like HSB Turning Torso, while gives out the temperament of breaking out of water of a dragon. Splendid arc as well as natural and romantic outline breaks the one-sided vision of the beauty appreciation. Seen from any position, it embodies nothing but perfection.
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